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Name of mailinglist Description 
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Pre 17/8/2000, old archvie New archive SubWebmaster
Entire collaboration (excluding 'free participants') communications   lhcb Nathalie Grub LHCb Alignment   lhcb-alignment Steven Blusk LHCb Alignment Framework   lhcb-alignment-framework Johan Blouw Python-based physics analysis application   lhcb-bender Ivan Belyaev Calorimeter Calorimeters   lhcb-calo Andreas Schopper Collaboration board Collaboration board   lhcb-cb Elie Aslanides CERN members -- lhcb-cern Monica Pepe-Altarelli Commissioning    lhcb-commissioning Olivier Callot Computing Computing   lhcb-comp Philippe Charpentier Configuration Data Base lhcb-confdb Lana Abadie Conditions Data Base lhcb-conddb Nicolas Gilardi Coordinators Coordinators   lhcb-conv Tatsuya Nakada
Hypernews system Core Software CVS lhcb-daq Florence Ranjard Da Vinci working group   lhcb-davinci Juan Palacios
lhcb-detector-paper Detector Paper Contributors   lhcb-detector-paper -contributors Elie Aslanides User support for distributed analysis in LHCb lhcb-distributed-analysis Ulrik Egede ECS working group   lhcb-ecs Niko Neufeld Electronics Electronics   lhcb-elec Jorgen Christiansen Experimental Area   lhcb-exp-area Daniel Lacarrere French Team   lhcb-france Elie Aslanides Gas system Gas   lhcb-gas Rolf Lindner Gaudi online developers lhcb-gaudi-online Eric Van Herwijnen Gauss software developers lhcb-gauss Florence Ranjard Grid Grid lhcb-grid Eric van Herwijnen Inner tracker lhcb-inner Olaf Steinkamp Italian Team lhcb-it Pierrluigi Campana CERN computing group   lhcb-lbc Philippe Charpentier CERN detector group   lhcb-lbd Hans Dijkstra CERN lbo group   lhcb-lbo Monica Pepe-Altarelli CERN Detector operation group   lhcb-lbo-do Rolf Lindner Physics analysis C++ Toolkit   lhcb-loki Ivan Belyaev Muon Muon   lhcb-muon Burkhard Schmidt National Computing Board   lhcb-nat-comp-board Nicholas Brook Online lhcb-online Beat Jost Online lhcb-online-cern Richard Jacobsson, Joel Closier Online lhcb-online-users Niko Neufeld,
Loic Brarda Online System Installation lhcb-onlinst Philippe Gavillet Optical Readout Links   lhcb-optolinks Achim Vollhardt Outer tracker lhcb-outer Antonio Pellegrino LHCb panoramix lhcb-panoramix Joel Closier LHCb paste lhcb-paste Joel Closier Physics task force Physics   lhcb-phys Olivier Schneider Physics Planing Group lhcb- ppg Olivier Schneider Physics Production Decay lhcb-phys-production-decay Vincenzo Vagnoni
lhcb-phys-flavour-tagging Marta Calvi, Olivier Leroy lhcb physics working group on tagging, proper time and mixing lhcb-phys-tagging-propertime-mixing Marta Calvi, Olivier Leroy
lhcb-phys-propertime-mixing Gerhard Raven, Jeroen Van Hunen Physics CP Measurements lhcb-phys-cp-measurements Michael Schmelling, Guy Wilkinson Physics Rare Decays lhcb-phys-rare-decays Ulrik Egede, Andrey Goloutvin Physics Jets lhcb-phys-jets Aurelio Bay, Frederic Teubert LHCb production lhcb-production Joel Closier LHCb project tracking software lhcb-project-trackingsoft Mathew Needham LHCb rack integration + cabling interface lhcb-rackwizard Dirk Wiedner Reconstruction lhcb-reconstruction Thomas Ruf RICH RICH   lhcb-rich Dave Websdale RICH DCS RICH DCS   lhcb-rich-dcs Flavio Fontanelli RICH HPD lhcb-rich-hpd Neville Harnew RICH Operations lhcb-rich-operations Stephen Wotton RICH Testbeam lhcb-rich-testbeam Neville Harnew Real Time Trigger Challenge   lhcb-rttc Andrei Tsaregorodtsev Muon software discussion   lhcb-soft-muon Alessia Satta Software   lhcb-soft-talk Marco Cattaneo Specs Users   lhcb-specs Ioana Videau Silicon Tracker software discussion   lhcb-st-soft Jeroen van Tilburg Test Beam Test Beam   lhcb-tb Rolf Lindner
lhcb-tell1-user-list Tell1-user-list tell1-users-list Test Beam RICH lhcb-testbeam-rich Stephen Wotton Technical Coordination Meeting lhcb-tcm Rolf Lindner Timing and Fast Control lhcb-TFC Richard Jacobsson Tier1 Contacts lhcb-tier1-contacts Nick Brook Trigger Algorithms    lhcb-trig-algo Frank Fielder Trigger l0 Trigger-l0 lhcb-trig-l0 Renaud Le Gac Information on UX85   lhcb-ux85 Daniel Lacarrere,
Rolf Lindner,
Werner Witzeling Vertex Detector Vertex detector   lhcb-vd Massimiliano Ferro-Luzzi Velo Gaudi/Brunel reconstruction software lhcb-velosoft Chris Parkes Velo Testbeam lhcb-velo-testbeam Paula Collins Velo Tell1 algorithms velo-tell1-algo Tomasz Szumlak


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