AFS for Windows NT

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This page affects all Windows NT users using the LHCb ALNTS1 service.

There are still problems with the standard NICE AFS installation (2- More Applications -> 1 - System Configuration -> 03 AFS Client for NT. DO NOT USE THIS! UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THIS PAGE INSTEAD.


TEMPORARY FIX: We currently have Windows/NT problems with name resolution. Until further notice replace the word 'dce1' below by '' every time it appears.

  1. log in as administrator; otherwise, while the installation apparently works without moaning when run under a normal userid, the result does not work since the AFS 'services' are not properly inserted into the control panel.
  2. open Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, Install/Uninstall, select Install;
  3. press 'Next' until you get the possibility to specify the input device;
  4. enter \\dce1\afs\disk1\setup
  5. follow the instructions; on the 'Finish' panel, select 'configure AFS client'
  6. select the cell
  7. click on the 'Cell Hosts' tab; locate '' and click on 'Change'; Make sure it looks like:

in any order;

  1. click OK everywhere but do not yet reboot (select "restart computer later");
  2. install (mandatory) patches; click start button/run and enter


(If you have already AFS running, copy /afs/ to the local disk and double-click it);

  1. reboot (NT users are used to that), log in again as 'Administrator'. Open Control Panel/AFS client, select 'Logon authentication enabled';
  2. log out and in again under normal AFS userid. If your NT password matches the AFS password, you will be granted an AFS token. Otherwise (or after the token has expired) run 'Authentication' from Start/Programs/Transarc AFS client;
  3. map network drive \\'your-computer-name'-afs\'name-of-submount' as 'K' (we suggest 'K' instead of 'P' as it is already used in our configuration), i.e. click start button/run and enter

net use k: \\'your-computer-name'-afs\'name-of-submount'

for example

net use k: \\pclhcb32-afs\lhcb

  1. when going to the '' cell, plase make sure you use '' and NOT '', although the latter one with the leading 'dot' appears first in the explorer window!
  2. define any required submount by going into the Control Panel, double-clicking the AFS Client icon, and clicking on the submounts tab. Some useful ones are: cern=\\, lhcb=\\lhcb, 'your-userid'=\\.user\'your-userid' (e.g. evh=\\.user\evh).
This page last edited by EvH on January 25, 2006.